About Me

Trying to make sense of the world while also getting to know yourself is a tricky feat. From relationships to career to self-care, there’s always something new we need to learn or do in order to live our best lives! If you’re anything like me, you’re excited to grow as a person, but sometimes have a hard time dealing with some of the growing pains that come along with evolving.

That’s why I created this blog…so we can all figure some of this stuff out together. My name is Rachelle Monique and I’m officially your newest online bestie. Fresh out of my twenties and doing my best to be my best every day, I created this blog as a safe space for women to rise above their obstacles and thrive – knowing they’re not alone.

From relationships (with everyone, not just romantic ones) to mental health to life in general, we’ll be dishing about it all! Imagine this space as your virtual kick it spot where you spend time with your friends, laughing, talking, and crying over a good meal and a bottle of wine.

My goal is to educate, empower, and enlighten you as a share my journey and hold your hand while you walk through yours. Thank you for visiting and please be sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter to get your FREE copy of “3 Things You Can Do to Change Your Life TODAY.”

If you have questions related to any of the topics on this blog, shoot me an email at rachelle@rachellemonique.com. I’m always open to ideas on how we can all grow stronger together through content shared here. I look forward to hearing from you!

To your growth (and mine),

Rachelle Monique